In a field of roses, we're a wildflower baby! 

With a passion for creating unique and quality floral designs, we celebrate the flower and it's whimsical beauty in each and every design. From crafting custom arrangements for local delivery to making your wedding day dreams come true, let's chat today about how we can work together! 


Have a gist of what you like, but have no idea where or how to start? You're not alone, my friend!

Here at VDC we pride ourselves in curating authentic events that really speak to each client's unique story and style. We'll help you define your event style, pitch design plans, and work hard to bring your unique vision to life. Let's chat over coffee or a cocktail and get started on bringing your dream into a feasible reality!


We don't want you to work your event - - and neither should you!  Our goal is to make you feel like guests. Sit back and relax knowing we'll manage the day from start to finish - timeline and vendor management, set-up and breakdown - you won't have to do a thing! Let's chat over coffee or a cocktail to see how we can help you (and those closest to you!) truly enjoy the day. 

Credits: Vincent Design Co., IJ Photo